With CW3 Domains we try to make everything easy.

We offer the lowest prices in the industry for popular domains.
There are no extra charges for domain registration when you either register it or renew it.
Once purchased you have full control over the domain.
We do not use high pressure sales tatics like pop up ads or screen after screen trying to get you to buy something else.
We do not email you for any reason except to inform you of a renewal date that's near.

We have a 30 day period in which you can still renew a domain after it's expire date.

What do I need to do to transfer my domain?

Login to your current Domain registrar and set the domain locking to off. You also need to get the Auth Code. Most registrars call it a auth code or a domain secret.
Some will have a link you must click to have it emailed to you while others will have it viewable when requested. The Auth code needs to be entered along with the domain name when you place a transfer order with us.

If a transfer fails do we have to pay again?

No - You only pay if the transfer has been successful. If the transfer fails due to your not setting the lock to unlocked or some other reason then we can resubmit it for you free of charge.

How can I change my name servers?

In our member login area you have full control of the domain.
You can either use our DNS leaving the default name servers or use your own name servers.