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Price for .com only

Renewal fees, Transfer fees and registration fees are same price.

12.00 domain name

Business Listing

Adding a business listing will increase your exposure.
For a small yearly fee you will be added to the whois directory which will increase your exposure to thousands of new people.
Once added you can be seen in the WHOIS Business Listings right away which will help drive more traffic to your site.

Only $10.00 per year.

Register your .com domain for only $12.00.

Renewal fees are same as register fees!

Transfer your domain to us.

Transfer now to extend your domain by 1 year!*

Each additional year is only $12.00 for .com domains.

Other prices for renewal, transfer and register can be found on our price list

Why our domain names are more reliable.

DNS stands for "domain name server." A domain name server is the computer (or one of several) that "serves" requests for your Web site or email address. Think of a DNS as the battery for your domain name. The more powerful the DNS, the more likely people will be able to see your site, send you email, etc. If the DNS isn't strong enough, people may have trouble reaching you.

Most companies offer customers one or two domain servers -- one main server, and one for backup. When you register your domain name with us, your domain name is backed by six servers distributed around the U.S. The result? Superior connectivity and reliability.

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